AESOP Annual Congress: Integrated Planning in the Context of Global Turbulence

BioValue will host a roundtable dedicated to the "The potential of spatial planning for transformative change to preserve and restore biodiversity in urban and rural areas".

The BioValue team will take part in the 35th AESOP Annual Congress held on the 11th-15th of July 2023 in Lodz, Poland, dedicated to “Integrated Planning in the Context of Global Turbulence”.

The 2023 theme reflects the current challenges for a sustainable future. The modern world has been facing growing challenges related to the effects of climate change, and the progressive degradation of the natural environment resources and values.

These phenomena affect spatial development patterns and the ways stakeholders use space. The consequences at local, regional, national, and transnational scales imply the need for new methods of cooperation between planning entities and planning systems.

The potential of spatial planning for transformative change to preserve and restore biodiversity in urban and rural areas” roundtable

Transformative change has been widely recognised as the paradigm shift needed to tackle the multiple crises we currently face as humanity as the loss of biodiversity. Spatial planning-related decisions in urban and rural areas are characterised by multilevel processes that emerge from the interaction between multiple scales, actors, processes, and institutions, from local to global. This makes spatial planning a critical arena for action where strategies to leverage transformative potential can be explored and agents of change enabled.

In this session, we want to invite the AESOP community to engage in an interactive discussion on how to deliver transformative change in planning practice. As an example to stimulate the discussion, the BioValue project will be introduced. This Horizon Europe project seeks to leverage transformative change by addressing the elements of vision, knowledge, dynamics, agency and governance by articulating it across planning systems. In this roundtable setting we aim to explore and pinpoint innovative approaches, methods and instruments to mainstream biodiversity considerations in spatial planning, impact assessments and economic and financial instruments for transformative change.

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Image credits: Aleksander Sadowski from Unsplash

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