The aim of BioValue is to leverage transformative change in spatial policymaking, planning practices and infrastructure development. Doing so, it upscales opportunities for valuing biodiversity in support of EU strategic actions.


What is Transformative Change?

Transformative change is a fundamental, system-wide reorganization across technological, economic and social factors, including paradigms, goals and values.


Why the need for Transformative Change?

Biodiversity loss is one of the persistent problems Europe is facing. But transformative change in spatial planning can help biodiversity to be better valued while developing new ways to reach sustainable development goals.


Who are the agents of Transformative Change?

Spatial planning policy and decision-making take place at different levels, from local to global. Therefore, many are the players who can drive transformative change in spatial policy and planning processes – researchers, the public, policy makers, businesses and third sector organisations.


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BioValue considers three complementary instrumental perspectives to support different sectors and actors in taking ownership of biodiversity concerns:

  • Spatial planning and management instruments (SP&MI)
  • Environmental assessment instruments (EAI)
  • Economic and financing instruments (E&FI)

It does this through three case studies, which serve as Arenas for Transformation.

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