BioValue at the ESP Latin America and Caribbean Conference

Last 7th November, BioValue attended the 4th International ESP Latin America and Caribbean Conference in Chile.

The conference was focused on the theme “Sharing knowledge about ecosystem services and natural capital to build a sustainable future”. It was aimed to share ecosystem services knowledge and strengthen the regional network.

University of Trento partners gave a presentation entitled: “Analyzing the transformative potential of spatial planning to implement urban nature-based solutions for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem service provision”

They illustrated the conceptual framework they developed within BioValue to understand the transformative potential of spatial planning concerning the governance of ecosystem services and the implementation of nature-based solutions.

They also presented the preliminary results of testing the framework in different spatial planning systems.

These results highlighted planning practices holding a transformative potential, such as:

  • the development of an integrated participatory system supported by innovative engagement approaches
  • the integration of the information baseline with comprehensive ES assessments
  • the promotion of measures to prevent, or mitigate, environmental impacts.

They also shed light on some barriers and bottlenecks that hinder changes with a high transformative potential:

  • the limited use of the mitigation hierarchy to inform planning strategies and actions
  • the poor uptake of knowledge from innovative grassroot initiatives supported by the civil society and the scientific community.

Finally, they discussed how the framework can be applied in Latin American contexts and support transformative changes in spatial planning.

Foto di Julian Hacker da Pixabay

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