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Discussing Nature-Based Solutions For Sustainable Urban Development

The 23rd of May 2024, BioValue will participate in the NBS Summit to exchange cutting-edge research and innovations with leading experts, researchers, and practitioners.

The 23rd and 24th of May, 2024, the Nature-Based Solutions Summit Urban Edition will take place in Porto, Portugal. The meeting is an interdisciplinary opportunity to discuss sustainable urban development latest trends, technological advancements and practical solutions. Although the concept of NBS is relatively well-defined and practices are high in the urban agenda, a policy gap is present. The lack regards an integration of eco-centric urban living at the planning level, transcending the mere association with green isolated projects. 


Isabel Loupa Ramos, Ana Morais de Sá, Jorge Batista e Silva of CiTUA, IST, University of Lisbon from BioValue will present the concept of Nature-Based Urban Planning (NBUP), a comprehensive framework for a more environmentally conscious urban vision and its accompanying policies. NBUP also seeks to establish legal foundations for binding norms in urban development or rehabilitation processes. These norms need to be applied in the development of territorial planning models, land use zoning, regulation, and monitoring processes, integrating green infrastructure in a connected, multifunctional, and inclusive manner, harmoniously aligned with grey infrastructure. 


The presentation will provide insights from the BioValue project and advocates collaboration to further enhance science-policy communication towards Nature Based Urban Planning. This knowledge will form the basis for reshaping legal regimes and norms to mainstream biodiversity in urban planning, thereby enhancing control and mitigation of urban biodiversity loss, alongside facilitating participatory processes to ensure stakeholder adherence to policies.  

Read more about the NBS Summit – Urban Edition.

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