Trento Arena for Transformation: Plan to Redevelop the Fersina from Canyon to Mouth

Within the BioValue project, the Trento Municipality has reimagined the Fersina riverbed to protect biodiversity and enhance its accessibility for citizens.

The Fersina River, a tributary stream of the Adige River in Trento City, is one of the Arenas for Transformation of the BioValue European project. Reimagining the Fersina involves designing and planning multiple interventions to safeguard biodiversity and make the river more accessible to residents and tourists.

Trento Mayor, Franco Ianeselli, refers to the proposed plan as “A vision of what our Fersina could be”.

The intervention area is extensive, following the course of the river, and has been divided into three distinct sections, each requiring different approaches.

Image credits: Nicola Cagol

The Canyon

  • Transforming the Area into a River Park: Emphasis on safety due to the real danger of flooding.
  • Connecting the Future Cycle Path: Linking Trento to the lakes of Caldonazzo and Levico, integrating this attraction into the lakes’ tourism circuit.

The Urban Section

  • Creating a River Garden: Transforming the urban stretch into a true river garden.
  • Pedestrianizing the Final Stretch of Viale Bolognini: Expanding the riverbank with terracing, creating a social space for students and citizens.
  • Remodelling the Peninsula at the Confluence of Fersina and Rio Salé: This area could serve as a terraced space and an extension of the nearby Langer Park.

The Mouth Area

  • Redeveloping in conjunction with the future hospital: increasing green spaces to create a hospital park, which would help regulate the microclimate, improve air quality, and provide recreational and therapeutic green areas.


Image credits: Nicola Cagol

Next Steps

Ideas are manifold, now it is a matter of engaging with stakeholders interested in the three sections to:

  • Formalize agreements and protocols with involved entities.
  • Better define realizable interventions.
  • Secure necessary resources for the implementation of the interventions.

Besides the Municipality of Trento, the project involves various stakeholders, including Muse, Ecomuseo Argentario, and other local entities. The coordination has been entrusted to Giuliano Stelzer, municipal director for urban regeneration, who commented: “This is a stream and ecosystem with enormous potential, but little known even to the residents of Trento because it is not accessible”. The project will greatly impact on Trento Municipality, the citizens, students, tourists and many others.


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Featured image credits: Comune di Trento

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